Please help us with your donations, so that our little Nastenka can once again hear the world around her.

Nastenka was born at 02.09.2009 in Kherson, Ukraine. She came into this world and grew up like any other baby. But shortly, we noticed that she had a little or completely no reaction to the traffic on the street, that is unusual for sure. At same time Nastenka's doctor assured us that it is normal as far as she's too young.

When Nastenka was 9 months old, we visited an ear specialist, who sent us directly to the Institute of Otolaryngology in Kiev. And she got a Double Sensorineural Hearing Loss diagnosis there..

Reasons of hearing loss are still unknown for us. Doctors couldn't explain this. Even the strongest hearing aids on the market are useless with a hearing deficit of more than 100dB Nastenka have. Currently she only reacts on very loud noises, such as a drum or a loud pounding on the door. She is not able to hear the sounds that will enable her to grow as a normal child at all.

Currently we have only one solution: Cochlear Implant. It will allow Nastenka to hear the voices of her parents, learn how to speak and grow as other children does. This kind of implant could be done free of charge, but there's a big problem: only 20 operations are made per year, and we are queued at ~500 from top. Time is critical here – child must get this implant as soon as possible as far as chances for successful education and normal growing are falling down with each month without it – that's what doctors says.

The Operation and the Implant total cost are about 23,000 EUR, and this is far beyond our family could feed in short time. That's why we ask community to help our daughter. Please, help her to hear the world like all we do and grow up with better chance in life!

Nastenka's Parents:

Roman Dityatkov Tel. +3066-265-77-13

Galina Dityatkova Tel. +3066-112-91-71